"Admissions Open for academic year 2021"

about preksha


Preksha is to “VIEW” and “BEHOLD” - We believe that, anything new, children will absorb through eyes first, then touch, and creates an impression, and the LEARNING just happens.That’s how simple LEARNING is. That’s the significance of the name ‘Preksha’ “We are a young Montessori house of children, opened in a cozy home at your neighborhood. We come with decades of experience driven with a passion to facilitate children to discover – self, and grow as ‘Socially Vibrant Individual’. We know each child is unique, and at Preksha we honor his uniqueness and respect his individuality

Why Preksha ?

The first part of learning happens through seeing and observing and that’s the significance of the name ‘Preksha’. Children by nature are keen observers, whether you tell or no, they observe and learn. Keeping this strong nature of the child in mind, we at Preksha provide a prepared Montessori environment, a systematic imparting methodology with Montessori qualified facilitators.
Every child is born with amazing capabilities, focusing them all to become a self-reliant individual is the objective. For which, the first step is to encourage children to become independent.
Well, Independence is a gradual process that can be started as early as possible, and not something that children can gain on their own. Showing the confidence in the child`s capabilities and providing the necessary help, and guidance, giving them the freedom to make their own decisions. As the children learn to do simple activities by themselves, a sense of independence takes roots and grows.

“Every unnecessary help is a hindrance to development.” --Dr. Maria Montessori

Preksha Team

If there's one thing that no amount of technology can replace is the human touch. And hence, our team has all the chosen ones, with same interests and enthusiasm to be with children. We look for people who are committed to provide the maximum learning platforms.

Our Academic head comes with decades of experience. We believe that ‘Constant Learning’ is the essence for growth, we have taken up specialized courses beyond the basics and rich experiences.The support staff is given the training to help and support the children right way.